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Cam/ AU info from an FBI agent Reply

TIFWIW and I don’t normally post but I came across some interesting information today regarding Auburn and the pay-for-play situation. One of my fiances clients is an FBI agent and he gave her some info today, although of course he did not give any names or specifics besides Cam. Some of the info he told has been said here on this board and other boards, but it was good to hear him speak with such confidence about Auburn burning. Here is the run down he gave… - Auburn will burn it is a matter of time, it is not if but when. He said trust me I know this for fact. - Auburn did in fact pay Cam Newton to play, they have the records, they have the transactions. - There is an account/slush fund that some of the players have access to with ATM/Credit Cards. He said that he knows for a fact that one of these players is Cam Newton. His exact words were…We know every single transaction that was made the time, the place, and the user. - He said Cam will lose his Heisman before Auburn loses its title, because regardless of how innocent Cam tries to play, he had that card and he was using it and he sure as heck knew where the money was coming from. - He also said that Malzahn was going to Vandy. He was there and he wanted the job, however during the contract negations, Vandy put a clause in there saying that if it ever came out that there was a pay for play scheme or that there were any major violations that came to light about Auburn, Cam, or him having any knowledge of such activity, then his contract would be null and void instantly. Thus why he returned to Auburn. He wanted out but knew that this was going to break so he had no option but to stay and take the raise.

I don’t claim to be an insider or anything like that. I just wanted to share the info I was given and thought it might build some confidence or belief for the doubters. This guy is legit and works for the FBI and has no reason to lie, he isn’t even a Barn or Bama fan. Flame away but that’s what I got.

Bingo update post

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Gilley is trying to get the redacted parts, the ones that pertain

to another investigation, because Massey was his lobbyist and he

wants to see exactly what he told the investigators. Now, he

withdrew that motion. However, the judge is still not going to

release the redacted portions. He did agree to release all

unredacted portions within a few days. This is a big deal because

it is believed that these lobbyists know a lot about what goes on

in West Georgia. Massey may very well have spilled the beans in

return for immunity. MM, according to a lot of people who live

around here, has also spilled the beans and is going to

completely walk on Bingogate because he gave them the banker. He

had 19 million reasons to do it. The FBI, Securities Exchange

Commission, and the justice department are all trying to track

the money that was lost by the bank (1/3 of the total lost by all

banks). Supposedly it was funneled into a lot of entities

including AU and a PFP scheme. Any more questions feel free to


The judge has promised to release all redacted portions by

January 31st. However, there is no guarantee that most of this

information will be released to the public until the trial, which

begins April 4th. I can’t really tell you how I know the things

that I know and you can choose whether to listen or not. I am

fairly close to this case in more that one capacity. (Personal

and professional)

If in fact this does lead to the banker, then the FBI and

everyone else I mentioned will care very much about AU. They want

to find all the money and they won’t stop until they do. There

are several cases with banks that lost much smaller amounts in

Florida where they have traced much of the money to sports teams.

In some instances the money was used to purchase luxury boxes,

provide extra benefits for players and even purchase pro and semi

pro teams. Some of these indictments were handed down in November

and December and included in a huge round up of the players in a

single day. Many of them had no idea they had even been indicted

until the FBI showed up at their homes or jobs. If what I’m

hearing is true, once they have the banker, the NCAA will have no

choice but to come down hard on AU. Many of the people at AU will

possibly face prison time themselves because of their involvement

with this money. Plus, remember, a lot of those guys were also on

the BOT at Colonial. My understanding is that the king of Bingo’s

only involvement was his complacency on the BOT in allowing the

money to be used in the ways it was used. That’s why he can give

the banker up and walk.

I have to be careful what I say, but there is a certain

foundation at AU that was set up to make sure that student

athletes had the things they needed that maybe the scholarship

didn’t provide. Like partial scholarships with some sports may

not include books. There is also the ministry involved with the

athletic department. It is run by CW. A lot of money has been

funneled by certain people through these organizations and used

to provide certain extra benefits to players. CW has been

involved with the school for a long time. He was there before

when they were giving extra benefits. The assistant AD is also

the VP of this ministry. A lot of really sleazy people, doing a

lot of questionable things. I’m probably going to get this thread

deleted, but this all makes the old saying “Oh what twisted web

we weave when first we practice to deceive” truer than ever.

I’m going to say this and then get off like Tee suggested. I am

99.9% sure they happened. These are some powerful people who

still have huge assets at their disposal. I would love to say

that all of this will definitely come out. However, we all know

that money talks. I feel very confident that a lot, if not all of

this, is going to come out. I also feel very, very confident that

there will be indictments very soon.

Yes I was aware that Wayne Hall is the VP. He was brought to

Auburn by Pat Dye. Actually, since he played at Alabama while Dye

was a coach under Bear, he has never left Dye’s side. Dye has

taken him with him at all his stops in his career. This ministry

may end up playing a huge role in this case. The involvement of

"boy’s groups" and churches seems to be a recurring theme in what

we’re hearing about AU’s recruiting. Whether it be Louisiana,

Arkansas or Georgia. Another person to look closely at is the

pastor of a megachurch in Atlanta. One Eddie Long. He is

currently under indictment for coercion involving taking underage

boys our of state and getting sexual favors in return for gifts.

He is also being investigated in a mortgage scheme that resulted

in numerous members of his church being ripped off. These trips

that were taken with these boys included trips to Tuskegee,

Alabama. If any of you know the area, there’s about 10 miles of

interstate that separate the Tuskegee exit and the Auburn exit.

Makes you wonder, huh? CW and a certain Thug coach are going to

be the ones that tie the whole church scheme together. These men

claim they are trying to help young boys, but all indications are

they are using them for personal favors and personal

gain.(payment for bringing them to AU) I believe the banker will

be prosecuted for filing false TARP information. However, that

may be the least of his problems. I also have very little doubt

that the ministry is going to go unpunished. I think IRS

involvement is inevitable and will also reach to Cecil’s church.